The company Sergio Bernal, hand in hand with its artistic director Ricardo Cue, conceives the company from a premise that comes to satisfy an audience that demands emotions. Creating a show with the purpose of reaching international dimensions in Spanish dance and flamenco, through the neoclassical style, placing it at the height of the best performances of classical dance works is the strongest commitment.

The co-director of the company Sergio Bernal, principal dancer of the National Ballet of Spain (2012-2019), is the only dancer who coming from a Spanish and flamenco dance training has represented classical ballets such as “The Swan” with magnificent acceptance of critics and audiences. On him the premise of this company is materialized.
Combining the strengths, knowledge and experiences of each of the team members favors compliance with this premise. The objective is to enhance Spanish Dance based on virtuosity, versatility and variety of the different styles of Spanish dance and music ranging from bolera school, Spanish classical and flamenco.
The international presence of Spain covers many areas, from science, art, sports and other fields of culture. There is only one field in which our country has no rival: Spanish dance and flamenco. And it is in this concept that the company finds another of its purposes.

Sergio Bernal’s years of experience, lead him to consider new challenges. He feels obliged to deliver everything learned to a real audience that fills theaters in the world. That is why the company is currently
working on a project that gives life to one of the most recognized fashion designers in the history of fashion. A creator who fell in love with dance and music and who dressed Roland Petit’s choreographies for the Paris Opera and made a “Russian collection” inspired by Russian Ballets. Maya Plisetskaya was one of his muses. “La Rose Malade” choreographed by Roland Petit was dressed by this designer


Sergio Bernal was born in Madrid in September 1990. He began his studies in 2002 at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, ‘Mariemma’, where he finished with the “outstanding” certificate.

In his first steps he danced with the company of Rafael Aguilar as principal dancer, with the Workshop of the National Ballet of Spain and with ‘Flamenco Hoy’ by Carlos Saura.

In 2012 he entered the National Ballet of Spain as a soloist and in 2016 he became Principal Dancer.

His repertoire includes the main roles of Carmen and Bolero (Ravel) by Rafael Aguilar. Bolero 1830 by Mariemma. Bolero (Ravel) by Jose Granero. The last encounter, Concierto andaluz, created for him and Lola Greco and The Swan by Ricardo Cue. Folía of gentlemen, his own choreography with Joaquín de Luz. Puerta de tierra, Eritaña, Fantasia galaica, Zapateado de Sarasate and The three-cornered hat by Antonio Ruiz Soler. Orestes in Electra by Antonio Ruz. Icarus of Najarro. The solo, The Death of Yves by Bernal / Cue.

He is invited to Galas of international stars in Megaron and the Acropolis of Athens, together with Maya Plisetskaya. Miami International Ballet Festival. Bari and Positano, Italy. Havana ballet festival. Cap Roig, Girona and International Festival of Granada, Spain. Ave Maya Gala at the Coliseum in London. Bucharest Opera Gala. Gala in Zurich and Liepa55 at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Gala Nureyev in Kazan. Menorca Gala. New York Classical Gala. Tribute to Chabukiani in Batumi, Georgia. Liceu Theater Gala, Barcelona. Parco della Musica in Rome. La Fenice, Venice.

In September 2019 he leaves the National Ballet of Spain and founds, with Ricardo Cue, his own company, ‘Sergio Bernal Ballet Flamenco. His first production is ‘A Night with Sergio Bernal’ which premieres in Sochi, Russia, together with Joaquín de Luz and Miriam Mendoza.

He was awarded the Positano -Leonide Massine Award- in 2012 in Italy. In 2013 he is nominated for the Miami Life Awards. In 2016, he received the Ballet2000 Prize in Cannes. In 2017, 30UNDER30 was selected by Forbes magazine. In 2019, he is nominated in London for the UK National Dance Awards for Best Male Classical Performance in “The Swan”. Also in 2019, he is appointed Ambassador of the Arts in the London Parliament.

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